Myanmar’s ICT Teacher Educators Enhance Student Engagement and Active Learning in their Classrooms

Participants at the Teaching Skills Workshop for Education College ICT Teacher Educators-Upper Myanmar, held at Mandalay Education College. Photo: UNESCO

In November, 64 ICT Teacher Educators from Myanmar’s 23 Education Colleges (ECs) attended an intensive 5-day workshop facilitated by UNESCO to strengthen their ability to foster engaged, active learning in their classrooms. The workshop was held in two locations—at Yankin EC from 15-19 November, for Lower Myanmar participants and at Mandalay EC, from 21-25 November, for Upper Myanmar participants.

During the workshop, UNESCO partnered with the Teacher Educators to create a customised activity packet with step-by-step instructions for over 30 activities they can use in their classrooms. Activities were tailor-made to fit with each chapter of the Education College ICT curriculum, so the Teacher Educators have innovative activities at their fingertips for each key topic. UNESCO facilitators and the ICT Teacher Educators practiced the activities together, then critiqued and improved them, to ensure they could be implemented successfully with resources available at all education colleges, even the most remote.


This workshop is part of UNESCO’s ongoing partnership with the Ministry of Education to develop ICT capacity at Education Colleges to enhance the effectiveness of teaching and learning. This has been a key initiative of UNESCO’s Strengthening Pre-Service Teacher Education in Myanmar (STEM) Project since early 2015. With support from the Australian government, the STEM project has conducted an in-depth assessment of ICT infrastructure and its use in pre-service teacher training courses at ECs and developed a five-year Framework for upgrading ICT capacity in ECs.

Taking action on a key recommendation from UNESCO’s ICT Framework, the Ministry of Education hired three ICT Teacher Educators at each Education College in late 2015 to ensure there was on-site expertise to support the integration of ICT into pre-service programmes. Since the ICT Teacher Educators’ recruitment one year ago, UNESCO has provided them with training to enhance their teaching skills and understanding of the various ways technology can increase the effectiveness of teaching and learning. The recent workshop is the third UNESCO capacity building event for Education College ICT personnel.  The ICT Teacher Educations have shown impressive growth over the last year, making it possible for them to take a key role in aspects of teacher education reform related to ICT.

UNESCO will continue supporting the ICT Teacher educators as they begin their second year teaching in Education Colleges across the country.

With ICT in education as a strategic focus of its country programming, UNESCO is committed to supporting the Ministry of Education in its endeavor to strengthen pre-service teacher education through the use of ICT at Education Colleges across Myanmar.

For more information on the STEM Project, please contact Dr. Dagny Fosen, Teacher Education Specialist, at