Phoo Ngun was 6 months pregnant when her village was hit in one of the most devastating floods in Myanmar history. UNFPA youth volunteers delivering essential female hygiene and protection items reached her by boat, and in the wake of the floods, she gave birth safely to a baby daughter. Photo: UNFPA/Yenny Gamming

The UN System in Myanmar

The UN has provided assistance in Myanmar since its independence in 1948. Today, the UN System consists of 19 UN entities present in the UN Country Team that provide support to the country within their specific mandate. The UN System in Myanmar works under the leadership of the Resident Coordinator to ensure a harmonized approach to support the achievement of Myanmar’s national development priorities. The UN supports the development of Myanmar, the advancement of human rights, provision of humanitarian assistance and peacebuilding.

Myanmar is at a crucial point in its history. The country’s determination to advance its socio-economic reforms and promote democracy, together with its endowment of natural resources give a strong basis to look at Myanmar’s future with great optimism. In this context, the core values and principles of the UN, which are embedded in the human rights system, are relevant to address the needs and challenges of the Myanmar society today.